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Nextis is a consulting company focused in Configuration and Change Management, working with solutions based on IBM Rational tools, a global leader in Change Management solutions.

Founded in 1996 by IT professionals, Nextis has with its partnership with IBM, some of the largest and most advanced Configuration and Change Management installations in Latin America. Its exclusive focus in this area allows Nextis to offer a wide range of solutions and consulting services that makes the adoption of IBM Rational tools even easier, increasing the gains and benefits.

Currently, the solutions offered by Nextis are being successfully used by clients like ItauBBA, BVM&F, VIVO, Santander/ISBAN, Alstom, CPqD, TecBan and Toyota, dealing with the hard task of managing their software assets and the daily changes their systems go through.

Atualmente, as soluções oferecidas pela Nextis são utilizadas com sucesso por clientes como ItauBBA, BVM&F, VIVO, Santander/ISBAN, Alstom, CPqD, TecBan e Toyota para lidar com a difícil tarefa de controlar seus ativos de software e as mudanças cotidianas pelas quais passam seus sistemas.
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