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IBM rational team concert SOLUTIONS
ClearQuest -> Team Concert (RTC) Transition
Target: Include the usability and concepts of IBM Rational ClearQuest into IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC), using pre-customized solutions. This solution aims to reduce the cost of migration and deployment / adoption time, and also decreasing the impact on the end user by presenting a more familiar interface and reduce training time required.

Test Automation
Target: Allow the generation of automatic tests that simulate the action of multiple roles, testing and validating RTC workflows. This drastically reduces the time needed to run regression tests and running specific test scenarios.

Parametrized Questionnaire
Target: Allow the dynamic collection of information apart from existing workflow. This enables agile decisions on which data to collect, and when to collect, without affecting other parts of the system.

Customized Presentations
Target:Display information in formats not supported natively by RTC. Example: Display an attribute that allows filling date and time.
Customized Advisors
Target: Define behaviors, business rules and validations customized in a Work Item or workflow in RTC, assuring that the company rules are followed at all times. This reduces errors and guides the user towards the desired results.
Freedom and Simplification of Queries and Reports
Target: Increase the reach of the data available for filters and RTC report results, aiming to provide user access to operational data (pendencies, tasks results, etc.) and management data, like daily consolidations, tracking trends, etc.